golden hour

My everyday jewelry pieces.

During the glorious pre-teen years, silver jewelry was my go-to. I was obsessed with it. I hated gold. Gold was a metal reserved for grown-ups much older than I; my mother and grandmother wore it, and I was convinced it would age me. Silver accents were found on all the accessories stashed in my closet — including, but not limited to, a square-studded belt from Zumiez purchased circa 2007. (It has since found a much better home via my local Goodwill, thank God.)

To my surprise, gold began to grow on me during college. The layered necklace trend didn't help, either. My mom had to laugh at the irony of the situation when I told her that gold was the new favorite.

I've collected a few favorite pieces over the last year and half, in addition to some I've had since high school. And without fail, they're what I reach for every single day.

There are two necklaces I rotate between: the Ginger pendant from Cinco, and a sapphire choker from Mejuri. (And they look quite nice layered together, if I do say so.) The pendant from Cinco has been a well-loved piece these last few months — you may recognize it from my list of June favorites. It stands out when worn over turtlenecks, but doesn't overpower the rest of the outfit. The size is perfect for me.

In contrast, the sapphire choker is subtle and refined. It's more versatile than the pendant; it adds elegance to any outfit, no matter the occasion. I've been wearing it several times per week since Mejuri sent it to me.

I wear the same rings every single day, and I don't switch it up unless I'm going to an event or doing a shoot. All three were gifts from family members, so they're especially significant to me. One is a gold band with sapphires, given to me for Christmas one year. Two are sterling silver: a detailed band my parents gave me (part of a set of five, but this one is my favorite) and a turquoise ring I "borrowed" from my mom. It's vintage, technically; Mom got it in Montana in the '70's, but it was lost in a desk drawer until I found it in high school. I haven't stopped wearing it since, despite the newfound affinity for gold.


Earrings stay relatively constant. I have two piercings in my ears and while I love pairing my earrings together, lately I've been only wearing the same two. My second piercing is always occupied by a set of crystal studs from Maison Miru. They're perfect and I'm very attached to them — so much so that I spent twenty minutes scouring my carpet when I dropped one. I like wearing hoops in my first piercing; the midi hoops (another favorite from Mejuri) are the newest addition. Again, the sizing is key here. They aren't too big — neither in thickness or diameter — and they peek out from behind my hair in such an effortless way. It's about the details, after all.


Outfit details — Aritiza cardigan, Zara top. Midi hoops and sapphire choker gifted by Mejuri. All other jewelry purchased by me.