making the switch

Why I moved from Blogger to Squarespace.

It's hard to believe, but the blog turned two years old in April. I feel like a parent, watching my brain child grow up and begin to come into its own. The website had outgrown its current space, as children do. So, it was time to upgrade.

When I began the early version of Oh Magdalene (called MaddioMuse at the time — yeah, I know, it really doesn't fit), the website was hosted on Blogger. Blogger was an effortless way to ease into the posting process. I had no idea what I was doing, when I would publish new content, or if I'd even keep up with it... but I wanted to try.

I originally planned on using Wordpress to start the blog, but the website organization wasn't quite what I needed at the time. To me, it seemed almost too customizable and I couldn't decide what direction I wanted to go in. I was still starting out, and because Blogger was geared toward for my type of content, I decided to start with that.

There were some perks to doing it this way: custom themes could be installed, widgets added, built-in sidebars, et cetera. It satisfied my needs at the time. But eventually, Blogger became cumbersome and I didn't have the flexibility I needed. I wasn't able to place ads and was having some issues with customizing the layout; sadly, the Google help FAQs didn't provide much insight. I do have some background in web design and coding, so the help sections weren't complete gibberish to me when it came to troubleshooting HTML. But I couldn't find the exact answers I needed. It seemed like the more I tried to solve the current problems, the more problems I encountered.

After a few Sundays spent sat in front of my laptop, I concluded that I wasn't getting anywhere. And as I weighed my options, I realized that the current layout on Blogger didn't quite meet my needs anymore. It's been so exciting to watch Oh Magdalene grow, and with new projects on the horizon, I wanted the website to be the best it could be. So, I made the jump to Squarespace.

So far, I'm very impressed. The Squarespace templates are easier to customize; I've been able to add new features and widgets, and filter posts by tags with more efficiency. Blogger always felt a bit clunky when it came to organizing the content, and I wanted things to be streamlined. Editing posts and pages is much simpler now, because Squarespace eliminates the guesswork of where I need to insert a piece of code. (They provide boxes to place code in, and then format it for you.)

Of the new features, the one I'm most excited about is a "closet" section up on the main navigation bar. (Thank you, widgets.) I can provide links to my favorite in-stock items, they're easier to find, and it's faster than typing the brand into a search engine or going to their Instagram.

The best part of making the switch was how helpful the Squarespace support section was. I found answers to all of my customization questions quickly, instead of sifting through ten different help topics like I did with Blogger. As a result, transitioning to the new site went faster than expected. The biggest issue I ran into was simply reformatting the old posts to match the new.

All in all, change is good. I'm happy to share the latest version of Oh Magdalene with you.

Notes: This post isn't sponsored. I was just impressed with Squarespace's service and felt like sharing.