the mad hatter

Four favorite hats and how I wear them.

I could never live in a place without winter. As the temperature keeps dropping and fall makes the inevitable transition into the colder months, I've been reaching for a hats constantly. Lucky for me, my current hairstyle never gives way to bad hat hair... but this does increase the headwear temptation exponentially. Below, my four favorites.


The Beret

I own two of this quintessential French piece: a red version and a tan one. I'm looking to add black to the collection soon. Berets always make me feel like dressing a touch more feminine, but I'm slowly working them into more menswear-inspired looks: a tough leather jacket and wool trousers, for example. When the rain finally stops, I'm excited to start wearing socks and loafers, which are another favorite trend.


The Fedora

While I originally purchased my brimmed wool hat in summer (and wore it during a summer-styled shoot), it's also perfect for drizzly days. (As a Portlander, I can guarantee that it will not work in a downpour. A waterproof rain slicker is your only hope in that situation.) Last winter, I wore a similar brown fedora with my parka, and loved the rugged look it created. On a drier day though, I'd wear the black one with a chunky cardigan and ankle boots. It's a failsafe outfit, and the hat pulls everything together.


The Newsboy

Also known as, "that one hat I wear nonstop." Seriously, the newsboy hat — synonymously known as a baker boy or a fisherman — became my signature item last winter. It was what got me into wearing hats regularly, as it pairs well with everything. I've worn it with dresses, skirts, jeans, and overalls. I like that it's slightly boyish, so I usually wear it together with a turtleneck and flats or pointed-toe boots. It lies a little bit in the territory of "French Girl" style, especially with a chic coat thrown on top.


The Beanie

Definitely the most laid-back of the four, and my go-to for chilly days. I recently wore my black beanie with black overalls and a cropped hoodie underneath. (It was affectionately dubbed the "punk lumberjack" outfit.) Because the beanie is the most casual of hats, I pair it with my most casual pieces. Sneakers are the obvious choice of footwear, of course. Always opt for comfort.

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