my three favorite knits

The easiest outfit formula.

I'm not a very daring dresser, especially in the winter. Sweaters, ankle boots, and a big coat are easy staples for me — and since my closet consists of neutral palettes, almost every item pairs with everything else. With the arrival of cold weather and holiday dressing, I've found myself reaching for the same knitwear over and over. There are three favorites in particular, and I prefer to style them all in a specific way.

Winter dressing makes it a little harder to show a little skin... and it's weird to say, but I'm very fond of my collarbones. I love turtlenecks and mocknecks for the way they draw the eye up to my face, but sometimes, I want to show off some layered necklaces or wear a knit off the shoulder. I purchased the above v-neck sweater from Everlane — one of my favorite brands — and love everything about it. The beige color looks effortless against jeans and dresses down patterned trousers. The knit is boxy and structured, yet feminine; not to mention that the neckline makes it easier to show off aforementioned collarbones. I'd been pining for this piece for almost a year; when I noticed it was almost out of stock, I ordered it immediately. (It's currently only available in black now, but Everlane has other similar styles at around the same price point.)

Lately, I've been wearing this particular knit with other neutral-toned pieces: white jeans, camel-colored boots, and gold jewelry. Monochrome dressing — beyond the essential all-black style — is a trend I've been experimenting with. The shades of ivory and tan make me feel polished.

A second favorite — also from Everlane, no surprise — is their cashmere crop mockneck. I've had this in my closet for almost a year now, and have worn it countless times since its arrival in February. (I have last season's version, which is more of a cherry red compared to this year's persimmon iteration.) Red, I've come to realize, is my color. It's bold, and therefore gives me a confidence boost. And again, mocknecks are one of my favorite silhouettes.

I pair the red with darker pants, to make the color really pop, and keep accessories simple. With such a statement color, it's best to not overpower the whole look... there's no sense in competition.

If I want something longer and warmer, I reach for my Genevieve Sweeney Rea jumper. This was gifted to me by Genevieve herself, right around October. And, honestly, I've worn it at least once a week since its arrival. The longer length is perfect for throwing a collared shirt on underneath, or a lacy, high-necked blouse for a Victorian look, or just wearing on its own. It's the coziest sweater in my wardrobe right now, and I'm completely smitten. 

My go-to with this one, especially with the longer length, is to wear it with my leather leggings. But I like having pockets, so I've been experimenting with trousers to give it an extra punch of elegance. This sweater is the most versatile thing in my wardrobe, and I frequently throw it on with boyfriend jeans for off-duty style.

Safe to say, these will be on rotation until the thaw.


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