what's in my bag?

The quintessential prompt.

Remember a few years back, when every single blogger and vlogger talked about their everyday bag at least once? Personally, I found it interesting to see what each person deemed "essential" for their 9-to-5. It was like a little social experiment.

Well, consider me contributing to the experiment. My daily routine stays fairly constant, and my carried items stay consistent.

Photo by Shirley Cheng

Photo by Shirley Cheng

On work days, I carry my Fossil courier bag. (My particular piece is an old one from the men's collection, but there are some similar styles floating around on their website.) I bought it three years ago because I was completely sold — pardon the pun — on its versatility. It's large enough to carry a writing notebook, but the biggest criteria I had was that it can accommodate the zipper pouch I use to carry my medications in; I have a few severe food allergies, and have to carry an Epi-Pen and Benadryl wherever I go. The courier bag also fits my wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses... I could go on. It looks very well-loved after all these years, but I believe it just adds to the character. I also appreciate the latches on the front flap; everything stays secure and it makes for easy access.

workbag essentials

Inside are the wallet, keys, and phone necessities, in addition to one or two Glossier lip balms, mints, and earbuds for my train commute.

When I'm not heading to work, I prefer a small crossbody. This one is another favorite from Fossil, which I've had for about five months. It's definitely more compact than the courier bag, but it's still wide enough for the allergy meds to fit inside. There are card slots built in to the main compartment, for the rare occasions when I want to opt out of carrying my wallet. I also like the two slim pockets on the outside; I can stash my phone in one, and important papers (like concert tickets, parking stubs, or grocery coupons) in the other. I'm all about ease of access and I hate having to dig through my purse for anything.

Because it is a smaller bag, I downsize when I use it. Personally, this is great for me because it forces me to focus on only the essential items. I rarely carry makeup, with the exception of the previously mentioned lip balm or, if I think I need it, concealer. I'm usually gone for several hours at a time, and I don't want to be weighed down by a bulging purse. Truth be told, I'd buy one of those "wallet on a chain" things if I could get away with it — but they don't meet the medication stashing requirements.

daily bag essentials

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