off-duty days

Keep it simple.

With the arrival of a new job, my days off are more hectic than normal. I like to make the most of my free time, and I'm usually spending it by running errands, bouncing from one appointment to another, or writing future postings.

I'll happily wear my sweatpants all day if I'm staying at home, but I'm one of those people that absolutely refuses to leave the house in them. My "off-duty" style demands comfort while still looking put together. The uniform, whether I'm heading to work or not, stays the same: it's always jeans and a sweater.

On my most recent day off, I had an afternoon appointment, some photos to shoot, and was seeing a movie with a friend in the evening. I opted for a trusted pair of Levi's (which are a size too big for extra slouch and comfort) and a new sweater from up-and-coming brand Almina Concept.

The roomy cut of the sweater made it the perfect off-duty piece; not constraining, but still polished. And best of all, I could easily pair it with my sweatpants next time I refuse to leave the house.

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