the park blocks

A little bit vintage, a little bit Cher Horowitz.

It was one of those days when everything came together perfectly. I finally had the chance to shoot with Mia on a stunning, early spring day last week. Running around the Park Blocks and soaking up the late-morning sun was pure magic; and to top it off, Mia brought some props to make the shoot extra-special. How perfect is that suitcase?

I played into the location of our shoot and went for the preppy look, partly inspired by the fashion icons of Clueless and Gossip Girl. The Park Blocks are located right in the heart of Downtown Portland, equally surrounded by Depression-era apartments and towering highrises. Personally, I think that the old-meets-new neighborhood is reminiscent of the East Coast cities; and that makes it one of my favorite spots.

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Photos by Mia at Mia Rose Photography. 

Outfit details: Petite Studio blazer, vintage Levi's 501 jeans, Aritzia sweater, ATP Atelier shoes, Urban Outfitters beret, Cinco Store necklace.

Vintage suitcase provided by Mia.