the quick take: red earth

Short-term impressions on some new beauty additions.

You know me: I love my skincare. And I love the hunt for new — and effective — products. Bonus points if they're friendly for life on the go. Extra bonus points if they smell good.

Enter Red Earth, an Australian skincare and makeup brand. Their approach to beauty is an unfussy one, with an emphasis on appreciating one's imperfections. It's an approach that I live by as well, and so when Red Earth reached out to me on Instagram, I definitely wanted to give the products a shot.

I received a happy mix of makeup and skincare creations, which have blended seamlessly — both within my lifestyle and with my current favorite beauty products. Below, the results of my mini one-week trial period.

red earth cosmetics

Red Earth sent me a cute travel-size kit of some skincare bestsellers: a brightening face oil, a hydrating toner, and an illuminating primer. The Brighten Concentrate Oil smells divine. Of the three skincare products, this one has been getting the most use. I've only been using it at night, after applying toner, as I have another oil that doubles as moisturizer for day use. But goodness, what a smell. It's almost tropical, which makes me want to book a beach vacation asap. Olfactory satisfaction aside, this oil does help with brightening; I've also noticed that it's helped condition and soften my skin in light of the recent frigid temperatures. When applying, I've been using 2-3 pumps (it's a tiny travel bottle, mind you) and allowing it to absorb before using my favorite Sunday Riley U.F.O. oil.

The Hydrate Boosting Toner, like the oil, is also heaven for the nose. It doesn't leave my face feeling tacky or sticky; rather, it feels replenished and primed for absorbing the aforementioned face oils. The only trade-off is the travel size packaging: I wish the bottle didn't have a pump. In my experience, the pump design makes me feel like I'm never getting a good amount of product out. I apply the toner with a small cotton pad, but it always seems like there's never enough on it. Still, I'm going to keep using it, and may invest in the full size if I like the results.

red earth skincare

The Secret Potion Illuminating Fluid... it's definitely secret potion, that's a given. I can't think of a time when my skin has ever looked more glowing. (Eat your heart out, Edward Cullen.)  I've been using it like a primer and applying before I use my tinted moisturizer, resulting in a smooth, radiant finish. When worn all day — usually around sixteen hours from application to removal — it holds up well. (I have combination skin, so I do get a little oily near the end of the day.) This product, like the others, is also fabulously scented; it smells fresh, which I suspect may be a Red Earth signature.

I also received three colors of Red Earth's infamous lipstick matches. These have been popping up all over my Instagram feed as of late, and are such a unique concept. Simply put, they're compact, single-use lipsticks that are also travel-friendly. Six matches come in each pack, which, as implied by the name, looks like a little match book. The idea of carrying matches — lipstick or otherwise — is definitely a retro idea, and Red Earth decorated each book with the cutest colors and graphics. Some have sarcastic sayings, while others have an artistic design.

red earth lipstick matches

The lipstick itself has a great composition: it glides on smoothly, while staying richly pigmented. I've been saving mine for special occasions, as I don't wear lipstick too often. My only qualm is, again, the packaging; I wish it were a little sturdier. I worry that, if shoved to the bottom of my bag on accident, the matches will be squashed and unusable. But I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I also wish there was a way to save used matches... there's quite a bit of product on each match, and I won't use all of it in one go.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the brand's products and ethos. And I may need to try out a few more items from the line... the theory of pleasantly-smelling skincare isn't going to test itself.

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Products above provided by Red Earth Beauty.