dreaming of spring

Cold weather has my heart, but come on.

False springs are terrible. Three weeks of impossibly warm weather, and then — bam, a sudden snowfall. It's like reaching for a chocolate chip cookie, only to discover that it's actually oatmeal raisin. (Which is all fine and dandy, but also a total let down if you had your heart set on chocolate chip.)

While the seasons seem to (finally) be moving along, it's still rather brisk here in Portland. On the plus side, it gives me extra time to prepare my closet: annual spring cleaning, of course, and picking up one or two new pieces. But unlike previous years, this spring's trends aren't quite speaking to me. I'm excited to break out my white sailor pants again and maybe incorporate some floral patterns into my life... but this season's pastels, sandals, and bold colors will never be my style.

I'm a firm believer in wearing what you like; I've fallen victim to buying an item or two because it was trendy and because everyone else was wearing it. These items typically did not last long in my closet, and I'd have discarded them by the following year. These days, I prefer to purchase pieces that seamlessly transition from season to season, or will still be in style the following year. Here are a few things I'm eyeing for spring and beyond.


Buttoned Pants

I love the nautical and vintage look of an exposed button fly. Kick-hem pants are great for winter, too — they set the perfect stage to put ankle boots on display — and the buttons will add an unexpected detail with a cropped knit. But for the warm weather, I'd love to pair these with a silky top (hi there, easy date night outfit). A blazer on top pulls double-duty as a warm and polished outer layer. I also bought those exact heels a few weeks back, and am very eager to wear them once it stops raining; though mine are a camel color, which follows my closet's color palette a little more closely.

buttoned pants


Trench Coat

If you're in the market for a great trench, head to eBay. Seriously. I had an amazing lucky find in January and scored a vintage Burberry coat in near-perfect condition. (Bless.) I've been brainstorming ways to wear it ever since; but that's not hard to do, given its versatility. So far, I've played up its old-school flair with neck scarves, sleek trousers, and ankle boots. It is a lighter jacket — it didn't come with a button-in liner — and I get cold easily, so sweaters are still necessary underneath. I can tell this one is going to be in my closet for a long time.

trench coat


Plaid Trousers

Trousers are a constant companion in my ensembles; I like that they can instantly dress things up and make me look more put-together than jeans. They're usually a little looser around the waist on me, so they get bonus points for being excellent brunch pants. All of my trousers are black and navy, which leads me to believe that purchasing a brown or neutral-toned pair may be in order. I really love the menswear vibe of plaid. I'd wear them with a feminine blouse on top and heeled ankle boots — which, if you know me, is probably not surprising.

plaid trousers

To view the full details for each outfit, visit my Polyvore page. And tell me what spring items you're excited for in the comments.