april's best

Back again with the monthly favorites.

april favorites

Spring has finally arrived; the days are sunny, long, and warm for a change. We're more than halfway through May. But April flew by, didn't it? Without further ado, here's everything I loved last month...


Skincare + Makeup

I've been experimenting with facial oils and serums over the last year or so — my top two are Sunday Riley's U.F.O. and Biossance's Squalene + Vitamin C Rose Oil. I use the U.F.O. oil at night, and the Biossance one during the day. But in an effort to minimize my collection of skincare products, and realizing that I was running out of the two oils anyway, I wanted to find a product that could do both: something that would hydrate and brighten like the Rose Oil, but have the blemish-fighting properties of U.F.O.

I settled on True Botanicals' Clear Pure Radiance Oil. I've heard fantastic things about the brand, and while it's definitely not cheap, the product is amazing. It smells fantastic; imagine yourself walking through an herb garden in the middle of summer. However, my biggest concern is that my skin operates on the oily side during the warmer months, so this oil might be a little too moisturizing for my needs. I'm still experimenting with the daily dosage. That said, I know it will definitely be a Holy Grail product once we cycle back into the colder months. It's definitely hydrating, and my skin does look more radiant. Maybe I just need to get an oil-free moisturizer.

I do like to keep my makeup looking natural, and haven't even been wearing winged-out eyeliner all that often. (Pause for effect. My friends understand how unusual this is.) On the daily, I'll occasionally wear foundation, but will always do concealer, contouring, brows, and lashes. Now that it's warmer, I've been using warmer shades to contour my cheekbones and add a little color. I have Anatasia's contour palette (which I received for Christmas, but was too pale at the time to get much use out of it) and the NARS contour blush duo. Both have been getting a lot of use in the recent weeks. I don't prefer one over the other; it really just depends on how much time I have to get ready. They last all day and the colors don't budge after application.

I received one of this month's favorites in a collaboration with Kjaer Weis; they sent me their lip tint in the "sensuous plum" shade. On me, the color is like my natural lip color, but rosier. It's very subtle and layers well with my lip balm of choice. I love the packaging, too. Kjaer Weis aims to make their packaging as reusable as possible, so you can order a new tin of color when you run out. Pop the old tin out of the case, slide the new one in, and you're good to go.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite nail polish of the season. I've been coveting the J. Hannah polishes for ages, yet hadn't purchased. I finally bought Ghost Ranch — which is a perfect terracotta brown — and wow. I think I'm in love. I never want to be without it.


Clothes + Accessories

I went thrifting with a friend at the beginning of April, and happened upon the most amazing bellbottoms. They're Levi's, but they aren't denim. Surprising, no? They're a tan, corduroy-esque fabric, with a super-high rise and a faux buckle at the back. It should be noted that they were too big for me when I purchased them; I'm an hourglass-shaped girl, and finding pants that fit everywhere is a true struggle. I've recently learned the value of having a good tailor. These vintage babies fit perfectly in the hips and the seat, but were definitely cut for someone with a straighter figure — the waist was far too big. I took them to a local tailor shop to get them taken in, and also had them shortened for a more modern look. They now resemble a current wide-legged crop. (Expect to see more of these in the future — I've linked a similar pair down below.)

spring picnic

Continuing with the wide-legged trend — because I love wearing pants in warm weather and not feeling like I'm smothered — I also purchased another pair of Everlane's popular crop style. I bought the black and the white, though truth be told, the latter was a repurchase. I bought the white in a smaller size last summer (some of you will remember this blog post) but recently realized that they were a tad too snug in the hips. The fabric does stretch, but that can only do so much. I got the next size up, and had the waist taken in for a better fit. No complaints.


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