the beauty top seven

Because ten is too much, and five is too little.

the beauty top seven

I've written a lot of posts about skincare, a few on makeup, and several on haircare. And, as to be expected, my routine has changed in between those postings — because what can I say, I like to try new beauty gunk. Especially if it's from a brand with a good rep. And especially if I can read the reviews.

Here's the deal: I do research on everything. I will never be a spontaneous person, because I have to know what I'm getting into. In the beauty realm, I have to know what ingredients are in that game-changing night cream, and I have to know what others are saying about it. This is partly due to my growing list of allergies and sensitivities, but also due to my budget; I can't afford to drop some serious dollars on a product "just because" if it may not work for me. Product descriptions on bottles are not enough; I must always rely on word-of-mouth and word-on-internet.

With that said, there are some products out there that I purchase over and over again. They just work for me, and fabulously so. And I've never shared my top picks, so it's high time. Here's the full list of goodies.


1. philosophy's Purity Made Simple Cleanser

I first began using this face wash in high school, thanks to my best friend, Jess. Jess was my personal beauty guru for all intents and purposes. She held every possible answer for my young, naïve face. The Purity cleanser from philosophy was the first fancy face wash I ever bought; I remember cringing when I saw the price tag in my hometown's now-closed Nordstrom. But it was a mild cleanser, and it worked, and I could use it with the Clarisonic brush I had at the time. I had short affairs with other face washes, on occasion, whenever I ran out of my product in my giant Purity bottle. Nothing ever worked as well as this. It soothes, calms, and doesn't strip my skin. I use it year-round.


2. Sunday Riley's U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

The frequency of application may change with the seasons, but the product stays the same. Sunday Riley's U.F.O. oil is a godsend when it comes to this stuff. In winter, I can get away with wearing it under my moisturizer during the day, while also applying at night. With summer in full swing, I'm sticking to nightly applications. It hydrates my skin and really does help fight breakouts. If you choose to try it for yourself, be warned that you'll need to adjust to the smell: it's very medicinal and kind of similar to NyQuil. Plug your nose for the first few applications, but your face will thank you for it.


3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream

If you must invest in an eye cream, let it be this one. It hydrates the under-eye area and definitely helps with puffiness early in the morning. My usual routine is to apply it first thing when I wake up, before having breakfast and showering. The tube is convenient for dispensing the product and traveling; and speaking of, the tiny tube will last for about six months before needing a refill. I have several eye creams in my repertoire, but this one always comes with me when I'm going out of town — a girl's gotta hide her travel-induced lack of sleep somehow. So long, dark circles.

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4. Hairstory's Dressed Up Lotion

I love Hairstory's hair cleanser, and the love is equally real for the rest of their line — seriously, ask my friends how often I talk about this stuff. Dressed Up has been my Holy Grail for smooth and sleek, yet voluminous, hair. It's a blow-dry lotion that helps protect my hair from the heat, which is especially great now that I've bleached it blonde. It comes in a handy-dandy pump bottle for easy application, sans mess. I've gone through several bottles of the stuff now and show no signs of quitting. (Shop their rest of collection here.)


5. Glossier Boy Brow

Name a more iconic brow product, I'll wait. This stuff is the best in the business: easy to apply, natural color, and holds all day. I used a few different brow products before trying Boy Brow, and didn't like how my brows felt crunchy. The waxy, pomade-like texture is perfect. If I need to do any additional filling with a pencil, I can. And I'll leave it at that, because the legend of Boy Brow's 10,000-person waiting list says more than I ever could.


6. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

One of the best longstanding products in my makeup drawer. I forget when I first purchased this acclaimed Nars concealer, because I can't seem to remember a time without it. Coverage-wise, it's extremely versatile: use a small amount and blend for covering dark spots, or build it up to hide a breakout. In the event of a serious blemish problem, I can throw it in my bag for touch-ups on the go, thanks to the doe-foot applicator. And remember those aforementioned dark circles? Yep, they're gone. Ciao.


7. Le Labo Fragrances' Perfume

In all honesty, this last entry is a three-in-one listing. I have three Le Labo perfumes on my vanity, which I rotate between depending on my mood and the time of year. Vanille 44 — the Paris fragrance — is my ultimate favorite: dark, bourbon vanilla with a hint of incense and wood notes. I also have Gaiac 10, which is the Tokyo scent, and similar to their iconic Santal 33 fragrance (minus the smoky leather notes). However, now that summer is here I've been gravitating more towards Another 13. This scent is a lot lighter, but lasts all day long. Musk, amber, a bit of jasmine floral, and moss are all combined to create a fresh, clean, and unique scent. I've been wearing it daily.

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