my hairstory: the triology

A twist in the plot and no one saw it coming.

I'm in a very committed relationship with my shampoo.

Allow me to clarify: I've used the same cleansing product on my hair for over a year now. Considering my eagerness to always test out new products — amid certain skepticism, because hey, what if it doesn't work as well as that one I really liked? — this is quite astounding.

Way back in March 2017, I took Hairstory's #TakeAShowerWithUs challenge. The "challenge" was to ditch one's regular shampoo, and spend thirty days washing hair with the cult-favorite New Wash instead. Hairstory prides itself on being free of detergents, synthetics, sulfates, and all the other gunk that can be found in the average shampoo/conditioner duo. They're biodegradable, and packed full of essential oils and natural moisturizers. I haven't had a split end since switching from regular shampoo, and I've gone through at least four standard-size bottles of New Wash since my initial thirty-day trial period. It was a full, wholehearted conversion. (You can read the full post-challenge review here.)

However, my hair is now bleached blonde. It's more prone to breakage and dryness, and it doesn't help that I have to wash it every day — my fringe doesn't lay right otherwise. So I confess, I've strayed from my tried-and-true New Wash and begun adding a rich conditioner to the mix for extra moisture.

And then, Hairstory brought out two new additions to their New Wash line: New Wash Deep and New Wash Rich. The former is designed for deeper cleaning (oily scalps, et cetera), while the latter is formulated for hair that needs some extra oomph in the moisturizing department. (Hi, hello, that's me.)

new wash rich

I've partnered with Hairstory for about a year now — I swear by their styling products, as well — so they were kind enough to send a bottle of New Wash Rich my way. And let me say, it strikes the perfect balance between cleansing and moisturizing. My hair doesn't feel as dry and crackly, and it's a great one-stop product for mornings when I don't have time to condition my hair or apply a color treatment. I'll sometimes use the original New Wash if I'm conditioning, but the way I see it, bleached hair can never have too much moisture.

Unlike the original New Wash, New Wash Rich comes in a different type of packaging; it's more of a squeeze bottle instead of a pump top. The Rich version is definitely thicker (obviously), and the squeeze bottle makes it easy to get the product out; a pump would get clogged and complicate a streamlined shower routine. Oh, and the smell is fantastic too: herbal and fresh, fitting perfectly with the rest of Hairstory's creations. I hate overly floral or stereotypically feminine fragrances, so neutral-scented products receive bonus points.

All in all, it's a worthy upgrade. Might have buy the bigger size when I run out...