fall's fashion wishlist

Hurry up, sweater weather.

I spend most of the year waiting for autumn. In the past weeks, I found myself playing dress-up with my closet and rediscovering the pieces that were pushed to the back once June rolled in. I've been combing through Pinterest and stalking the websites of my favorite retailers. (Hello. fall collections, it's good to see you again.) Another reason for my enthusiasm is the prospect of wearing makeup again, and having it stay in place all day. What? It doesn't sweat off by noon? What a concept.

Yes, there's something to be said for autumn; I find my sartorial normalcy once again, and the sticky, steamed feelings of August are just a bad memory.

I could be making this too dramatic, but I am excited about the return of cooler weather. I miss my ankle boots, my long pants, throwing on a jacket in the morning, hot coffee... and my birthday falls in September, so truthfully, I’m a little biased towards the start of autumn.

I don't really buy into seasonal trends; I've said it before, and it's something that hasn't changed. I just prefer classic style. It's more practical for me to invest in clothes that I can wear for the next ten years or more, and the trends I actually like are few and far-between. But with that said, it's fun to source pieces that subtly nod to their trendier cousins, while still looking current and elegant years later.

Case in point: these ankle boots from Berlin-based brand aeydē. I've been on the hunt for a new pair of black Chelsea boots; as soon as the temperatures drop, they're what I reach for when getting dressed. My current boots are from Vagabond, and I've nearly worn them to death. (PSA: Vagabond is also a great budget-friendly option if you're looking for some high-quality, comfortable boots.) After near-constant wear and tear over the last few years, the soles of those boots are about ready to fall off. I may replace them with the aeyde pair, because the square toe and menswear silhouette remind me of the western-inspired trend that's popular now. But they're still classic enough to look sharp later on.

Oh, and I love the 70s-cool look of wearing them with flared jeans; call it a hunch, but I think flares are definitely flying under the trend radar. Wide-legged pants have had their moment, and kick flares came, stuck around for a bit, and backed away. I’ve noticed several brands including a flared style in their denim collections this season — or offering said flares in more washes — so it’s only a matter of time before it takes the fashion set by storm.

flare jeans.png

Back to shoes for a moment: I really into the fact that Dr. Marten's are experiencing a comeback. They've never gone away or gone out of style, but their hype has increased thanks to the Jadon boot. Similar to the original 1460, which I own and love, the Jadon style maintains the classic 8-eye shape and pairs it with a chunky, platform sole. I like that the platform is subtle; it still amps up the edginess, but it's not as noticeable as some of the other styles Dr. Marten's carries. I particularly think the Jadon looks great when paired with soft, feminine dresses. They'd be great for winter, too. Once the temperature really drops, I’d love to wear them with leather pants, an oversized turtleneck, and chic bag for that mentioned touch of femininity.

all black.png

“Logo mania” has been showing up in many collections recently; from Dior to Fendi to Gucci, micro-logo prints are everywhere. I’ve never liked the look of plastering a logo on every inch of something; I feel like having the name everywhere takes away from the design and construction of the piece. However, I’ll admit that small-size logo accessories are growing on me. I feel like I could easily wear a wallet or a bag, without sacrificing style or having it be too ostentatious. You wouldn’t catch me with anything bigger than that.

This season, I'm also looking to add some camel-colored trousers to my closet. I found my beloved wide-legged style in a vintage shop this past spring, and wore them as often as possible before the weather turned scorching. Now, I want a straight cut version for the cooler months, especially since I wore the wide-legged pair at least once a week. I have my eye on these ones from Aritzia; the buckle detail and high waist make it the perfect blend of vintage and modern, much like my thrifted pair. I’ve noticed that I’m gravitating towards monochromatic pieces to wear with my trousers. Whether it’s cream-on-cream, all camel, or a total white look, I love how the simple pairings create a striking look.


Last but not least, it’s an old friend of mine: plaid pants. I bought a navy pair last year, and am now lusting after a brown/beige/tan version. I love warmer tones, obviously; they balance out anything in my closet, and plaid in particular is easy to work with. Again, playing with contrasting pieces is always something I enjoy, so a logo sweatshirt would be the order of the day. While typically associated with sportswear, wearing a logo sweatshirt with distinguished-looking trousers is a great way to combine the two items. (And I happen to work in a freezing office, so desk-side coziness is a necessity.) I chose to style this last look with some leather slip-ons, but sneakers would work just as well.


What are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Let me know!