virgo season

What's your sign?

I think 2018 has been the year of the zodiac. Or maybe zodiac-themed accessories have always been a popular thing, and I've never paid attention until now.

Regardless of when the emergence in popularity occurred, it's certainly a fun, personalized way to add character in an outfit. I currently own a ring, necklace, and, most recently, a t-shirt. All broadcast my late summer/early fall birthday to the world. (Greetings, fellow Virgos.) And since my birthday is coming up in a few short weeks, it seemed fitting to style my collection.

Wearing: Genevieve Sweeney zodiac t-shirt (gifted), Mejuri pendant necklace (gifted), Levi's jeans, & Madewell belt. Mejuri zodiac ring and Thesis of Alexandria zodiac necklace (both gifted).

Styled and shot by me.