the quick take: joanna vargas

Continuing my series of two-week skincare trials.

joanna vargas

Skincare aficionados know Joanna Vargas' name. And they're probably also familiar with her brand. With two salons — in LA and NYC, respectably— and a namesake skincare line, Joanna Vargas has already left her mark on the industry.

A representative reached out to me a few weeks ago, to inquire if I'd be interested in a collaboration. Of course, I said yes. I'd heard of the line before; reading through blogs and beauty websites provided enough exposure to bring me into the loop. However, I was still hovering on the outskirts of said loop. I did know that Joanna's clients and customers swore by the Daily Serum, but that was about it.

I was sent the Vitamin C Face Wash and the Exfoliating Mask to try out. First impressions: gorgeous packaging, and they both smell amazing. The products have a citrusy scent (thanks to the natural fruit ingredients found in both products) and personally, I like to pair the two back to back for the full olfactory experience. The mask has a bit of a sweeter smell, due to the sugar ingredients it contains. It's like having an orange creamsicle directly underneath your nose. Mmm.

I used the Vitamin C wash about once a day; you can use it twice per day, but I wanted to play it safe since switching my cleanser cold turkey can sometimes cause me to breakout. I will admit that I was expecting a massive breakout to follow when I started using the cleanser — previous experience with other cleansers has led me to believe that my skin is picky. Miraculously, such problem occurred. My skin stayed clear, and definitely took on more of a glow from regular usage over the two week trial period. I preferred to use the cleanser in the morning, since the citrus scent would wake me up a bit. OJ for your face. And who doesn't want glowy skin in the morning?

I applied the Exfoliating Mask around two times per week, usually after showering. I love using face masks and would apply one every night, if I could, no exaggeration. However, it has recently come to my attention that my skin looks better when I mask less. (And honestly, that seems to be the general consensus among skincare gurus.) Joanna's mask gently exfoliates and definitely helps to brighten. I do have some minor discolorations/scars from previous bad breakouts, and they seemed less noticeable after introducing the product into my routine.

So overall, consider me a believer. I'm pleased with the results of this trial run, and am even more pleased that I didn't obtain a nasty zit in the process. And while I'm continuing to work on my glow, maybe I'll hop on the Daily Serum bandwagon.

exfoliating mask

Products gifted by Joanna Vargas. All opinions are my own.